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Steamatic of Dallas Fort Worth is an insured air duct cleaning company proud to serve the greater Arlington area. Our company has been a trusted name in cleaning and restoration since 1968, and our team is committed to keeping your home at its healthiest! We specialize in air duct cleaning for all residential and commercial properties in our area, no matter the size. We staff trustworthy employees who will respect your time and property throughout every project. Our company knows air duct cleaning can be a tough job to deal with on your own so we provide high-end services at an affordable price. 

Signs Your Air Ducts May Need Cleaning:

  • Rapid Dust Build-Up
  • Allergy Flare-Ups
  • Dirty or Moldy Vents
  • Decreased Air Flow
  • Or Old Air Filters

Cleaning your air ducts can greatly decrease your allergy symptoms and any pet dander floating around your home or business. At Steamatic of Dallas Fort Worth, we use the latest air duct cleaning technology to remove dust, dirt buildup, and debris from your air ducts. We use patented source removal and agitation equipment to loosen and extract debris from your vents. With our HEPA filtration system, we are able to remove all dust from your vents without redistributing any of it back into your home or office. We make it our mission to keep our customers' vents decontaminated and dust free. The technology and processes we have developed throughout our history have had that one goal in mind - a healthy environment. There's no clean like Steamatic!

Call us today at 817-835-8458 for quality air duct cleaning services at your Arlington home or office!

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We have a home that is for sale in Ft Worth Texas the previous tenants smoked so much in a nonsmoking home that everything we tried did not get rid of the smell. This is after we used paint had new carpets/floors installed so frustrating since all the feedback from realtor agents telling us clients "can't take the smell" I googled on how to get rid of smell and came across Steamatic I called and spoke with Jarrod Sims he came out the next day and assured me the smell would be gone, at this point I put my trust in him. His crew came out and used the Prokure treatment on a Saturday and Sunday we had an open house and our feedback this time was the house "smelled clean" We were so happy we even got a few offers on our home! We also had him come out and cleaned the ductwork because they were very dirty... He was very professional and came thru on his promise... I can't thank him and his crew enough...So if anyone out there needs a home to go from smoke to smoke-free this is the company you need to hire...Again thank you, Jarrod, if it weren't for you we don't know what we would have done... - Cheryl L.

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